Context Menu Search Pro Extension for Chrome

Context Menu Search Pro as the name suggest, puts an option to search anything your select in an tab or windows using our secured search engine.

Suppose you are reading an article and you see a phrase that you don’t understand, just select the phrase than right click on it. You will see an option to search it using “Context Menu Search”. Isn’t it easy? The best thing about this extension is that it uses Bing as the default search provider. It changes your default search engine to provide you with the best experience.

You can anytime change your default search engine if you wish too. It is simple just open settings> on the left side click on search engines option> Then click on manage search engines > Then choose the search engine of your choice. Context Menu Search Pro respects your privacy and we follow all the latest privacy rules and regulations.

We never ask for any personal information neither we keep track of keywords you search for. All Context Menu Search pro does is, it provides you a way to quickly select any text and search for it using Bing search engine. We all know Bing is one of the trusted names in search engines.

How to Use this extension for select search text

  • First of all install the extension, that is one thing you must do.
  • Later you can search using the omnibox using safe keyword and pressing tab button.
  • Or you can directly select text, phrase or word and search it using context menu search.

Download Conext Meny Search Pro Chrome Extension from this link.

Disclosure – By clicking ‘Add to chrome, you accept and agree to install the Context Menu Search pro extension, set the Chrome Default search engine to “” which is powered by Bing (trade mark Microsoft) custom search technology , and adhere to the Terms and Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy TOS

Instagram Downloader Chrome Extension | FASTSave Downloader

Are you looking for a way to download images, videos and stories from Instagram? Then this post is for you. There are many chrome extensions that allow you do download Instagram images, videos and stories. In a previous article we told you about Instag Downloader chrome extension. Today we are going to introduce Instagram Downloader Chrome extension | Fastsave downloader.

The most amazing thing about this extension is that it lets you download the images and videos in bulk. All you need to do is install the extension, visit instagram and select all the images or videos you wish to download. Just download the images and videos.

Instagram Downloader Chrome Extension

Official Description

Wanna download videos and images from Instagram? It is simple now! FastSave extension – video & photo downloader for Instagram. With this downloader, you can fast save any photo and video from Instagram. Just one click, FastSave will save your favorite photo and video to your PC or Mac. What’s more, it is 100% free for all user. You really should try this downloader tool.

How to Use Instagram Downloader for Chrome Extension

  1. Click this link to open extension page and install the extension.
  2. Once installed open instagram and select files you want to download.
  3. That’s it

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AliExpress Product Images Downloader for Chrome

In previous article we told you about Asify Chrome Extension for AliEXPRESS. Today we are going to tell you about another amazing extension that helps you in dropshipping. AliExpress Product Image Downloader lets you download entire set of images of any product and download them in one click.

Yes, you read it right. You can download all the product images for a product from Aliexpress website in a single click. It makes you works easier and faster and less hectic. Not only images you can also download product description in html format.

AliExpress Product Images Downloader for Chrome

How to Download Aliexpress Product Images Downloader in one click

  1. Click this link, extension download page will open in new tab.
  2. Spot and click install button.
  3. Once installed you can browse to Aliexpress product pages and click extension icon to download images.


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Omegle IP Locator | find Someones Location

Omegle is a very popular web site, specially among teenagers who either wish to find girls or want to troll others. People who are using Omegle to find someone like minded around them, finds it hard due to scamsters. Omegle IP Locator can help you in such cases. If you want to make sure the stranger you are talking to is telling you true location, you can use this tool to find someones location. You can also check out previous post, where we explained how to automatically message stranger on Omegle?

Omegle IP Locator |  find Someones Location

Although there are various alternatives are present on internet that perform better than omegle if you are looking for dates, or a live video chat or any 18+ shit. But if you are a fan and wish to use this service only and make sure everything is alright and you are not getting trolled. Then this is a must use extension.

How to find someones location on omegle, Omegle IP Locator

  1. Download this extension from Chrome webstore, using this link.
  2. Once installed, open omegle chat and whenever you will connect to a stranger it will show you there location automatically.

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